Sunday, 21 July 2019

Interview with filmmaker Alan García

Enter The Deep will be screening at the Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

*How did you get into making films? 
From a very young age I always felt attracted to the movies, my sister took me to the vhs video centers to rent movies, it seemed that I was entering Disneyland I was excited to see the covers and all kinds of movies. I decided that I would make films when I grew up, so I dedicated myself to studying film, when I was in the race I was writing Short Films and music videos, then they started inviting me to make movies, then I dedicated myself to audiovisual production. 

*What inspired you to make your movie? 
The stories feel more real and connect with the public when the filmmaker has lived part of the stories or had related experiences, the film emerged from a 12-page short film script, a task at school that accidentally became a feature film , a colleague convinced me to dust off the script I had written since 2014, the rest is history. 

*How has your style evolved? 
I am very jealous with my work, when I write a script I visualize it in such detail that I like to have total control of the story, apart from doing the direction I also need to take the picture, capture what is in my mind of that This is a solid and satisfactory result for what I want to do, I could afford to say that the film was 90% as I had imagined it from the beginning. The fact of reducing the crew means that I have a more accurate vision and I don't like having more people than necessary, if I have the capacity to do what I can, I will do it.

*Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film? 
Thank you for asking that question, you have the exclusive to publish it, on the scene when Adrian wakes up in the vacant lot, in the makeup work he had to be full of marks and violence on his body, he was naked, a tramp who came out out of nowhere he was in the shooting, out of nowhere he approached the scene and began to take pictures despite warning him to leave ignored. The next day an anonymous complaint came out that someone had seen a naked dead man lying. 

*The Misrule Film Movement & Pink8 manifesto bring what to mind? 
Really the cinema was made to break the rules, there is no other means with more creative freedom than the cinema. The true spirit of the artist is based on doing things without worrying about the rules, always the content, the feeling of speech is the main thing. 

*What can we expect from your next film?
It is difficult to talk about what will be the next film under my direction, there are some projects that are there, but something is certain the next will be a film of social awareness with a deep subtext, the goal is to change the world view on a personal level .