Sunday, 8 April 2018


Interview with the out of control auteur underground filmmaker. 

You've kept a low profile recently is that for any particular reason?
Been creating my next Frankenstein, it's more interesting then going out to events. People dont realise that about me, I work very hard I dont just show up on the set high as a kite and throw things at actors, I do everything. I produce, make the music, edit, direct. It makes me laugh when I read some of the end-credits to films, that they required 200-300 people to make a simple indie movie. Im more than a filmmaker, Im a generalissimo.

What do you mean by that?
See a true director would understand exactly what I meant by that. Fellini would understand, so would Kubrick or Von Trier. Its the force, alchemy, the ability to create a pure vision, to not doubt your muse. It's confidence and you just stamp it all over your film. People connect with a character's loss, it rings true. Doesn't matter if the ship sinks as long as it's your ship.

When you mention the muse has that ever backfired?
Depends what your passions are and the films context. I base my films on what I read at the supermarket, the people I meet and the zeitgeist of today's cultural ghetto. Dread is the great factor of our time; school shootings, Russian spies, the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. I could pretend to make a happy fake fantasy but I'll leave that to mainstream cinema. Im into decadence, glitter and aliens.  

You're known as a film aficionado and into mysticism, is there anything else that makes up your influences?
Im a bit of a method director so whatever the films about I become addicted to it, so in Loon its full of serial killer psychology and black verse, but in Teddy Bears Live Forever the character only eats cheese & milk so that's all I ate, and she loves snakes so I found a snake farm in Romania and got to have an Anaconda strangle me just to feel it's power. I also became obsessed with art like Kostabi and Munch, but Richey Edwards lyrics about women's emotional pain really influenced the film. His lyrics are a crucible, women will forever be fascinating and a mystery.

Have you ever had trouble making a film?
Yes each film is difficult, thats whats humbling, getting your ass kicked is good for you.
But you should always fight back though. I realised that Im supposed to make mayhem in films while my characters dance around an African bonfire into oblivion.