Saturday, 16 January 2016

Jett Hollywood - A Filmmaker from Mars (Jetts story)

Jett's Story:
”When Ziggy Stardust & his Spiders from Mars came to Earth on the day he became a Superstar and appeared on Top OF THE POPS he sang STARMAN.

One night my mother watched him sing on a Top of the Pops rerun; her shuttle pot glitter eyes glistened and she experienced her first orgasm.

Nine months later I was born, yet my mother was still a virgin.

Ziggy hypnotized her with his midnight oil tongue and ‘love watch me here” signals and chose her as the spaceship for his one and only offspring.
Ziggy was fatally torn apart by his audience.
In his death a cosmic laser union was born.

I am a filmmaker from Mars.

My mission is to create two heart & mind life changing films. before I commit Cinema Suicide, just like my father committed Rock & Roll Suicide.”

Jett Hollywood is a film director from Mars - The manifestation of a space age filmmaker. He can do no wrong. He loves glamour. But he only has the opportunity of making 2 feature films to save Cinema from becoming forever enslaved by the establishment, which could mean suicide. Offering hope to future generations of cinema lovers. They are called the Wild Boys.


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Evolution Of The Earth Angel - Official Website

The story of the Earth Angel. Director Jett Hollywood (aka Fabrizio Federico) chronicles the life of a manic-depressive modern saint using a blend of home movies.
Follow Earth Angel's daily routine of spreading smiles, positivity & happiness to everyone he crosses. After the double blow of being diagnosed with cancer and the rejection of his family - life led him down the unusual road of searching for the angels of the world and for total freedom.  
This fascinating documentary sees a man battling his inner demons, social prejudice, his rejection of conformity and being labeled schizophrenic by the Mental Health Board.
Witness this alluring life & understand how a person can find the strength & endurance to spread the message of SUN+MUSIC+SMILES to a divided world, while also dealing with freedoms savage side.