Tuesday, 30 October 2018


DANBURY, CT, – Back in 1992, Stephanie C. Lyons was in her second year of grad school studying psychology. Little did she realise that 26 years later she would be working on what would be hailed as the “cult classic of all time” (even though virtually no one has seen it yet) – The History of Everything Circa 1993 to the Present: Formerly Known as Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis – as co-producer, co-director, and co-writer.

As Robert Frost famously said, “Two roads diverged…” only there were more than a few twists and turns for Ms. Lyons. 
Fast forward from her work as a psychotherapist and later the director of a women’s work release program, to marriage, four children (and a divorce), to living for an extended period with her parents. Like J.K. Rowling, at the time, she utilised one of her best skills – writing -- and became a freelance journalist and reporter so she could be home to raise her children.

During a chance newspaper assignment, she had the opportunity to meet her soulmate, lawyer and filmmaker Wayne J. Keeley, who was a bit older than Stephanie and had a stockpile of scripts that had never been shopped, as well as a 26-year-old unfinished film – Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis – that had been collecting dust on a shelf. The two found they had more in common than just like-minded visions of life. They began working together almost immediately on multiple entertainment projects. Their work relationship eventually led to a romantic one – and now they’re touted as the “Dynamic Duo.”

Since they have been together, Stephanie and Wayne have written, produced, and directed four Off-Off Broadway plays, produced and directed an Emmy-nominated public service campaign, co-written two novels, created the highly popular blog Pillow Talking, which focuses on reviews of theatre and film, and last, but not least, updated and retooled the 26-year-old film Kissy Cousins, Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis. In fact, the film has just received its 90th film festival laurel including THE STRAIGHT JACKET GUERRILLA FILM FESTIVAL.

But wait. There’s more! Stephanie has now branched off into independent screenwriting and created a horror script which focuses on female empowerment titled See Evil. While the screenplay is in the horror/thriller genre, it also has an LGBTQ focus (she and her husband are ardent advocates and supporters). It involves married female protagonists who must fight reapers that threaten their loved ones including their unborn child. “I believe that See Evil falls squarely within the sweet spot of films like Get Out – which are both horrific and socially relevant,” says Mr. Keeley, her multiple-award winning filmmaker husband. “I just hope she hires me in some capacity when it gets rolling!”

At present, See Evil is hot off the press and just received its first Official Selection laurel in the Diabolical Horror Film Festival. For certain, this genre-satisfying tale will be the one to watch!


Filmmaker Fabrizio Federico is that rare anomaly of everything that is anti-fashion that he becomes fashion. He is culturally relevant, part of popular culture. And he speaks to the outsider, non-conformist side of the film industry and transcends cinema. His audience reaches the outside of the movie industry. They are the people and influencers shaping our landscape. 
He is like a man child, vulnerable yet tough. Recently featured among the best independent filmmakers of 2018, he’s very of the moment but timeless as well. Fabrizio feels like change in a good way. Lets follow him, he’ll rise as a new star with his new motion picture Teddy Bears Live Forever

Perma-wearing his sunglasses and pink beret he is a London film brat who represents the mystery and allure of the hard-edged British style re-packaged and taken global following the movie Anarchy In The UK: The New Underground Cinema. Mixing car crash cinema sportswear and poetic too-cool-to-care louche glamour beneath his dark-ringed eye sockets. It’s a lewk, darlings.

Fabrizio is no doubt more than what meets the eye… Known for showcasing his most personal thoughts and feelings in his films, Fabrizio has also been speaking up for real-life issues. If you ask us, there’s nothing better than a rebel with a cause. Following his own path of artistic freedom.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

PSYCHOCANDY - TOP 5 Inspiring Films About Madness

Movies about madness, psychosis & mental breakdowns go as far back as the 1920's as a thematic concern in cinema. Each director approaches insanity with gusto on screen, it's possibilities of dramatic tension are limitless, and to celebrate another cinematic link in this tradition here are underground filmmaker Fabrizio Federico's Top 5 inspirations which brought to life his new berserk film 'Teddy Bears Live Forever'.  OFFICIAL WEBSITE