Friday, 26 August 2016

Make A film, its eez-eh // Fabrizio Federico's ((PINK8 Manifesto

Pink8 Manifesto

  • Film school is poison.
  • Short films are NOT acceptable, it MUST be a feature.
  • The cast must NOT know what your film is about. 
  • Mistakes are beautiful. 
  • Technical film experience is inessential. 
  • Bewildering, vague, self-indulgent, plot-less, risky, egotistical, limpid, raw, ugly, and imperfect are perfect. 
  • Your film must be made on no budget, just sporadic money.
  • Look for street superstars to be your cast.
  • The director must raise "get-by" money by finding a job that challenges their ethics.
  • The director must have a main character role in the film.
  • Filming must be done without any preparation or a traditional script.
  • Your film must be 95% improvised.
  • Special lighting is not acceptable.
  • No HD Cameras
  • No 3D
  • No Green Screen
  • The director must edit the film alone.
  • Continuity is wrong.
  • Answer to one person only—yourself.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Conspiracy theories: Cinema

  • Governments fear free cinema
  • The Media is against free cinema
  • The Establishment is against free cinema
  • The Pope is against free cinema
  • The EU is against free cinema                                          
  • The UN is against free cinema
  • Hateful, racist, violent Conservatives are against free cinema                                                                                                                                                                     

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Fabrizio Federico - The Jimi Hendrix of Filmmakers

Director of the celebrated and baffling films Black Biscuit (2012) & Pregnant (2016), and now after his turn as the filmmaker from Mars; the bastard offspring of Ziggy Stardust, called 
Jett Hollywood, today he has created two films that inspire the viewer; first with how a man can find the strength to chase's life's joys by metamorphing into a new idea, even a modern superman, s seen in The Evolution Of The Earth Angel (2015) then Anarchy In The UK (2016) about cinema's wildside in the UK and it's punk DIY rip it up and start again ethos. Federico is regarded as one of the most gifted filmmakers in Europe. An underground hero both flawed and admired, a product of his times and another era. A spaceman.

His film manifesto PINK8 shuns many of the tricks of the filmmaking trade in an effort to recapture the truth, spontaneity and inventiveness of the medium: his passion for imaginative filmmaking was first demonstrated in his debut feature film Black Biscuit. A giving perception
A genuine original ahead of his time, a provocative innovator. Critics and the mainstream public haven’t always been so kind; he has been reviled for being shocking, wicked and lurid. 

 > Misunderstood - Generous - Frustrated -  Like a child not given his due-need of affection - Self Centered - In Rebellion & Bewilderment - a Loyal Friend - a Man Without Roots


The root of all the films is that his directing incorporates true emotions, making cinema both altered and dangerous while working with non actors. Renowned for his creativity and innovative ideas. Pregnant crystal meth aesthetic was a cocktail of sound and vision about the the 21st century's intense addiction to technology and celebrity. Incorporating his eclectic cinema taste of new and old mixed with his wired, avant garde experimentalism.

Fav Movies:
Ciao Manhattan
The Brown Bunny 
JFK: Zapruder Film
Sweet Sweet Backs Bad Ass Song
Dusty & Sweets Mcgee 
The 3 Amigos 
The Great Rock & Roll Swindle