Friday, 27 December 2019

Marilyn Monroe: Masterpiece Movie Moments

Filmmaker Fabrizio Federico chooses an obscure magical movie moment.

For a cinema icon as big a Marilyn Monroe there's an enormous plethora of movie moments to choose from, but one of the most perfectly realised moments that strangely never gets any attention is this quick scene in a powder room between the three leading ladies of the movie How To Marry A Millionaire. This scene with Marilyn captures all of her personality perfectly in one fell swoop. Marilyn plays Pola who is blind as a bat, but refuses to wear her glasses because she fears men dont like girls who wear them.

Screen sirens Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable and Marilyn are talking shop about the rich guys that they are on a date with in the powder room, suddenly realising that they need to get back to their dates, after quickly checking themselves out in a tall elegant quadruple full-length mirror Lauren and Betty leave the room leaving Marilyn alone who takes her time put on some perfume and struts over for her turn to check herself out in front of the mirror. What we get is an Andy Warhol style matrix multiple-image feast of Marilyn as she poses and turns in a beautiful violet dress in front of the mirror, her beauty is spellbinding and she's without a doubt the star of this movie after watching her in this scene, her magic is palpable and it hits the viewer like Cupid's arrow. Realising that she looks great she removes her glasses and goes for the front door, only she misses it and walks straight into the wall instead!!
Classic Marilyn at her starsailing best, this scene is both comedy gold and breathtakingly beautiful.

Thursday, 12 December 2019


Interview With Filmmaker Krystyna Curtis

*How did you get into making music videos?
I’ve always photographed and filmed everything since I was 15, with these, working with other people and their music gave me a platform to make short films this way

*Do you have any strange stories from working on your last music vid?
Strange stories yeah - there are sections of the first video which required my muse to hold a bunch of questionably safe black toy goop in her mouth - it kept going wrong and my living room ended up covered in the stuff

*Any plans on making a feature film in the future?
The first video is a mashed together collection of clips from a short film I’m currently working on atm. I think found footage films have way more potential than some of the ones that are out atm

*I've noticed your into the occult thats always been one of my fav topics, which is your fav horror film?
I’m a bit of a horror fanatic - but very choosy when it comes to finding the good stuff. I’m aiming to make my own horror film someday, but you could say I’m heavily influenced by Kenneth Anger, David Lynch, Jodorowsky etc. I love some 60s/70s/80s horror/sci fi like Alien, Altered States etc as well as more recent stuff like Mandy & Hereditary
I prefer horror with a building sense of dread over most slasher stuff, my fave horror of all time is probably The Shining

*Where are you based and is there a cool local DIY filmmaker community?
I’m based in the Midlands, Wolverhampton- there are a few filmmakers and photographers/artists here and a local collective called Asylum Gallery/Studios. Yeah we’re a pretty tiny group here but I generally only have two friends working in the same field

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Interview With Filmmaker Bronwen Trudi Brooks Morgan

*How did you get into making music videos?
I got into making films 7 years ago whilst at school and then continued it into college and university, I have always been very artistic with my outlets and academic skills are not my way, so it gave me so much joy to Express art in this way

*This video is very experimental, how long did it take you to edit?
This film took me around 3 weeks on and off to edit, I often find as a female Filmmaker people have a lot less trust in you in your decision so it's a lot more back and forth, also the general nature of the edit was complicated

*How did you come across the band?
I came across the band as my partner is the guitarist, however this gave me no advantage to getting the project in my opinion because I was not their first  choice

*Do you have a name for your style, I've never seen anything like it before?
In turns of my whole asthetical style, In my purely experimental work (see portfolio) i strive detail, but in uncommon places, I love working with mirrors, water and the elements  l, preferring raw and dilapidated scenery and locations, and I'm usually very solitary. With this music video, as my other love is producing, I wanted to bring my experimental persona into my organised mind of a producer, the bands main prerogative was for it to be out their, wild and funny, the complete opposite of what they might be perceived as, as a 'folk band' and I think thsu is achieved, the little spats of confetti, the colour and style, that was the randomness I wanted to bring

*Are you planning on making a feature film in the future?
And yes I would love to do a feature film, but I want to being experimental film and that raw artistry to the front end of the industry and less of a secret!

Sunday, 8 December 2019


This years film release Teddy Bears Live Forever takes its cues from Ian Curtis' vast catalogue of bleak but beautiful lyrics. Songs such as She's Lost Control, Atrocity Exhibition and The Eternal are some of the few that filmmaker Fabrizio Federico has named as the films inspiration, ''Ian's lyrics are like mini movies, they paint such simple doom laden pictures  that I found them ideal to form the main characters spiritual DNA, Ian is her divine guide.

The fact that Ian also believed in reincarnation also touched a nerve with the director,  ''before I made the movie I was hypnotised in a past regressive therapy session and I travelled far and wide back in time just like Ian sang about in Wilderness, during the session I found myself on a farm covered in blood surrounded by a dead family and all their slaughtered livestock, it was terrifying and that vision has haunted me ever since.''

April is a young faded ''It girl'' suffering in exile from multiple-personality disorder (brought on by a UFO Cult & Hollywood) and she decides that one of her six personalities must lose her virginity. 

As April suffers bizarre flashbacks in a solitary room, sleepwalking, telephoning rent boys, listening to The Carpenters and terrorising her old guardian with her untamed sex appeal. She ultimately set's out to become a modern saint.

''I made the film on intuition and a sensation to focus on some powerful messages (trauma, anti-establishment, false idolatry, existential angst and spirituality) wrapped up in an isolated feline martyr quality. 

The main character April is fighting to regain a state of grace that she lost as an ''It girl''  living in a superficial society obsessed with illusion while working in Hollywood. April is trying to penetrate the essence of her problems by being brave, screaming & articulating her pain through the film. She's trying to release the poisoned fragrance of her trauma. She's deprogramming her self by losing her mind. 

In the beginning of the movie we're shown a glimpse into her former ''It girl'' pop-culture life, at the complete absolute zenith of her fame, which is full of tacky excitement, flashes, games, disciples, vibrations and action. 
But then the film moves to the aftermath of all that, and to her current isolated life in London after rejecting her followers. But now she is battling her six personalities, so in a way she's leading six different realities and levels of consciousness. Each personality is a different level of consciousness, but music is her true prayer. She listens to The Carpenters while in exile, because she identifies with women who suffered, like Karen Carpenter, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe etc... but she also enjoys hanging herself by visualising her suicide. 

The film is also an insight into gurus, and how they deal with their followers problems, whether they are suffering from family or social suffering. The movies about spiritual terms instead of adolescent terms. 

So while she's living out Hollywood, April get's mixed up with this UFO cult, has an outer body experience and is raped by the cult. After this trauma and because she's already mixed-up with this narcissism of her glamour lifestyle, it finally turns her into a stretcher case. In the film we watch her fighting to win back her sanity. 

She constructs this mission to cure the most evil of her multiple-personalities, to lose her virginity and to feel touch, which gives her a fresh enthusiasm and a existential mission; the glorification to start communicating again. In general terms, she is coming out of a isolated fog and is looking for a universal consciousness. This girls story actually represents the whole elemental goal of humanity. 
Filmmaker Fabrizio Federico in Macclesfield
Feeling lost and sending signals into outer space, maybe that's why she joined a UFO cult to begin with. But she's still looking for an atomic attraction, or a spiritual push to come and save her. Dealing with six personalities will push anyone's sense's to the limit, but because she's in self-imposed isolation she cant really receive life's true miracle cure: human touch. 
Touch is the sparkling combination of feeling all of your senses all at once. So she decides to recapture her salvation by losing the virginity of the most evil, of all her multiple personalities, called Sam.

Sam is a mythological anti-hero personality, a complete freak who suck's on her bloody tampons, wears wigs and sexually terrorises her old guardian that she's living with. But in many ways April is sacrificing her sanity in order to purify her soul from Sam's sinister presence. In order to become a divine being again and to grow.