Wednesday, 9 May 2018

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER - (NEWS) Filmmaker Amanda Curtis-Christie

Tell us about your beloved Facebook Group; FILMMAKERS FORUM?
I started the group 10 years ago while completing my MA, my education & background are in TV & Film production, I loved so many films as kid but Star Wars stuck with me and so did Jaws.
My favourite director changes as well I like Tarantino, Spielberg, Hitchcock, Kubrick- the list is endless, Best film of 2017? probably Darkest Hour- Gary Oldman was fantastic in it.

How do you think film distribution will evolve in the future? 
Distribution I think will continue to become more platform based rather than traditionally at the cinema. I think cinemas are becoming too expensive for a lot of people and will run out of gimmicks to encourage people inside. I think they need to drop prices to encourage people to attend more regularly as I think audiences are less likely to take risks and experiment with their viewing choices if they know they have to spend a bomb on a film that they might not enjoy. 
If it’s inexpensive people aren’t as worried if the film wasn’t as good as they had hoped. Subscription based membership is all very good but many don’t provide cheaper options for concessions or children which puts people off. If you have kids the majority of the time you will need to take them with you to see film and I think it’s short sighted that cinemas aren’t introducing child rate subscriptions or even offers like they have in many theatres where a child can go free with an adult. Cinemas need to be more competitive with their prices, especially as many films are available on media such as SKY within a few months of being in the cinemas.

How do you feel about the rebellious PINK8 cinema manifesto? 
It's a reflection of what is often seen in the industry.

What are you currently working on?
We are currently working on a film turning the lyrics of David Bowie’s song Space Oddity into a short film, We used special image dice to create stories to use as a jumping off point to make the films.

You're obviously very supportive of many types of filmmakers how do you see your movies evolving in the future? 
Because I am hard of hearing and I volunteer teaching disabled adults filmmaking, I hope to promote using disabled actors and cast members through future films.

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