Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Fabrizio Federico - Interview with Jordan Dilger


I had not heard about Fabrizio until he posted a trailer (Black Biscuit) on our Facebook page. Not unusual, except it was our university film society page and he doesn’t go to our university, or live in London (where our university is). Over the next few weeks he posted other things, mainly about Pink8 (Google it, i’m not a spoon).

We joked about the oddity and let it be. But a germ had been planted. Slowly it spread and now I wanted to discover more about Fabrizio. I think I’m in love. I know it will never work, it just makes the bond stronger. I tried to organise a personal interview in order to capture him and chain him to my bed. However he caught on and decided to do one over the internet. Or he was busy, one or the other.

This is my feeble, anarchic attempt to unpick him…

Fabrizio Federico - Culture Vultures interview

Deemed as one of the most bizarre interviews on Cultured Vultures.
I sat down once again to chat with film director Fabrizio Federico about his newest movie Pregnant.