Thursday, 18 February 2016


The new documentary by director Jett Hollywood examines today's rise of the UK's underground cinema movement that involves a mish-mash of broken bones, surrealism, and punk DIY hysteria. The film relives the era (2010-2016) of the 'Misrule Cinema Movement' which exploded after the government abolished the UK's Film Council and the blanket frustration manifested its self at the London student tuition fee riots and with the Occupy protests. This period of social revolution and unrest gave birth to a new wave of pent-up creative energy and determined filmmakers along with Independent cinema groups started shaking the film industries rigid cage by building their own cinemas or staging guerrilla-style movie screenings throughout the country. The sign of the times created a generation gap in the film industry. This is their story.

''The film shows a new way of perceiving altered states of consciousness through film. A mystical ritual through society's hidden ceremonies and passing through the doors of perception via film. To exalt inner senses and images that we keep hidden. The occult roots of cinema that encourages us to seek, to experience the alchemy and psychedelic wizardry that the last of an erotic science has to offer. The power of total cinema.''  Fabrizio Federico