Monday, 15 June 2020

Interview with producer Yasuaki Genda

Mystic Shrine Maiden will premier at the Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

*How did you get into making films & what inspired you to make your movie? 
I worked for a production company headquartered in LA. Having met an actor that I wanted to star in was the catalyst for making a movie. 

*How has your style evolved? 
The purpose of making works that can be accepted in Japan has changed to the purpose of making works that are accepted in countries around the world. I think that all movies have the power to move the heart. 

*Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film? 
All of the musical scenes are shot in one cut. If you look closely, you can see me. lol 

*What can we expect from your next film? 
The next movie is also in progress. I think we can deliver a more Japanese story to the world.