Monday, 15 June 2020

Interview with filmmaker El mismísimo DIOS (GOD ITSELF)

Evanghelio will premier at the Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

*How did you get into making films? 
From the beginning, I was very interested in story telling. I was very fond of my new monkey-toys but soon I realized that they missed something and so did I. It started with fool stories about floods and fire, nonsenses, but I could see that spark in their eyes, and through their attention I forged my empire. Later themselves created the music and theatre. And I saw that was good. Filming was the way to get this enriched message to a wider audience, through time and space, and in a very particular way I really love. *What inspired you to make your movie? When I found these stunned flock, they had already started filming with no script or plan. Just recording their so called “mission” wherever they went through to do their filthy shows. But I saw faith in them. And actually, it was quite easy possess each one of that empty-brained, letting them believe that the movie was a fruit of anarchy and improvisation. 

*How has your style evolved? 
During the development of this project there were many devoted believers getting involved and making it bloom like a wild garden. I guess my personal growth has been to improve my ability to be awake being able to capture this universe of details, and somehow make it fit together in a natural way. About my style, not pretty sure. I believe in the style of the play itself, beyond the Creator’s. 

*Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film? 
Actually the whole process was full of fun and bizarre moments, but surely most of the weirdest  came from the hand of the altar boy Pedrito. One quite funny: As the rest of the crew, Pedrito decided his text as well as his action. At the end of the scene in which Pedrito clones Tomás de Torquemada using a piece of the double chin of the inquisitor, he thought it was a good idea a shot of himself cutting a piece of meat with an axe. Everybody else thought that was not necessary and actually were packing to go away, but who can deny anything to an altar boy with an axe? So we did it and left. Nobody noticed that someone (probably Pedrito) put the piece of meat in a drawer. The place was a school used occasionally as stage, set or any cultural purposes, but really was the headquarters of a very nice VEGAN collective. After two weeks people began to speculate with the possibility of a corpse hidden around. They were right, and when they found it they kept it in a fridge for a while, guess that waiting for some kind of trial. Pedrito always denied his implication. One disturbing: The whole wardrobe of the group IMAN that kidnap Pedrito, Islamist Male-fags Ankle-biter Nurses (or something like that) is entirely the wardrobe of the Disney princesses. 

*The Misrule Film Movement & Pink8 manifesto bring what to mind? 
Total communion. Breaking rules of the established is a necessity and I cannot agree more on each of the points that compose the manifesto. And I know I talk for the whole crew. 

*What can we expect from your next film? 
Not even god knows what’s coming next, but probably something awkward considering the times we are living.