Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Interview with filmmaker Natthaphon Amorntut

*How did you get into making films? 
I am script writer and director my  investor told me have film project story about religion value of life. I saw something have value to the audience. I need do it. 

*What inspired you to make your movie? 
I need expression to life value 

*How has your style evolved? 
My style develop from short film scrip writer cinematographer 

*Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film? 
Every day to shoot film my crew is funny  make more smoke of mistake every day 

*The Misrule Film Movement & Pink8 manifesto bring what to mind? 
I think so strange and other art films. 

*What can we expect from your next film? 
I think about make film from my spirit.