Wednesday, 17 June 2020

CINEMA NEWS: Maverick Movies

Fabrizio Federico
What do you think is the future of underground cinema especially in the United Kingdom ? 
If you watch ‘Anarchy In The UK: The New Underground Cinema’ you’ll get a perfect idea, it’s about the Misrule film movement and how we changed the film industry. Cinema is my religion, Im the John McEnroe of cinema because of my gusto. Im not saying Im the best, but I am. I make the best hyper-kinetic films and pick groundbreaking subjects, and I do it cose I want cinema to move forward as an artistic expression. Im a pioneer but I dont want to just be a poster boy for cinema chic just cose Im good looking. I want new blood to upstage me and no one has done that. So the best thing for me to do now is now be a recluse, to give others a chance at world domination because Im generous. My wild years were from (2010-2019), Im pre Corona virus. I was the last cinema maverick before this brave new world we now all live in. 

How has the Misrule cinema movement helped you grow as a filmmaker and as an individual ? 
Well obviously I’ve become more humble. I’ve been blacklisted but it was worth it because the industry needed shaking up, Im not scared about fighting back if they arent open minded about my movies, I cant stand being polite all the time just to be PC. Those moguls needed to be told that they were being unfair by not letting new filmmakers screen their movies, just because they were different and we use iPhones and non-actors. You can learn more from street superstar non-actors than professionals, they offer real emotions and they touch a raw nerve like a Diane Arbus photo. But you have to take whats yours, Im not a rich kid like a lot of the people in the film industry, Im rough and ready but also highly intelligent and they think thats dangerous, plus it scared them when Im encouraging all these untrainned filmmakers to rise up, hence, the Misrule movement. A generation gap is always going to be messy, a lot of blood gets spilled but hopefully in the future things will be easier for a new generation of filmmakers. 

What has been your personal influences as a filmmaker ? 
At the moment I’ve been watching Le Samurai with Alain Delon, and Bad Timing by Nicholas Roeg, I’ve had it on loop. Theresa Russell is omnipotent in that movie, I wish all actors were as fearless as her. The editing is phenomenal as well, everything is juxtaposted like a daydream mixed with reality. I call my style ‘Pick-A-Mix’ because I mix up many levels of zen consciousness, even the afterlife, because Im psychic. But I prefer villains and anti-heroes like HAL 9000, computers make fascinating enemies. I now also do art collages based on bacteria and germ colour patterns. My last two art pieces are called Coroner Boner & Banana Fish Love Card, and then in August I’ve got the Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival. How has the lineage of filmmakers from the UK helped you from when you started making films ? Well not really, theres been some great classic films but nothing exciting lately in England other than Teddy Bears Live Forever. No other new British directors come to mind who have put their necks out on the guillotine like Im doing. The Kitchen Sink Movement was great but it isnt as experimental as Punk Cinema, until I came along England only had those two cinema movements, but Misrule is too undisciplined for mainstream magazines and TV because its too radioactive. My favourite directors are either French or Russian, they are a lot braver then British filmmakers. Over here Im the only one making edgy films but across the world there are many more because its a worldwide movement. YouTube is our church. 

Have you ever made a porno ? 
God no but I love films like Betty Blue, The Last Seduction and La Belle Noiseus, those crazy erotic avant-garde films, because sex is a natural emotion and it’s one of the best occasions in life between two people. It’s so pure and intense, and you just forget the world, the world goes away during sex. If you combine sex & intellect together in a film its like dynamite. It also depends on the person watching and how carnal they are. Unfortunately a lot of people in power are very frigid so they think sex is not a natural emotion. I get most of my inspiration from graveyards and ruins. But when the devil fails he sends me a woman. 

What exactly was the liberation that Misrule movement wanted to gain, or was it just economical or was it a change in the set of ideologies, if so how have the other cinema movements helped in the process, like Dogme95? 

We wanted to make cheap, DIY films mixed with documentary and alternative images. See this is the thing that annoys me, Dogme95 is very tame. But the Pink8 Manifesto is the equivalent of Bebop or psychedelic rock, the actors improvise while on drugs and its mind expanding and easy to do, you dont even need a script just guts, passion and colorful people. When I saw Dennis Hoppers The Last Movie I discovered cinema nirvana, but that film was a critical and commercial failure, think about that. But the future was invented to spoil the present so I focus on the ’now’. Misrule is like cinematic voodoo, or an incantation, it’s meant for intelligent viewers of any age who want to elevate themselves and watch a new kind of reality, just follow the white rabbit.