Sunday, 10 June 2018

Interview with filmmaker DEBABRATA CHANDA

Jilipi will be screening at the Straight Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

How did you get into making films?
I think that Film is such a Media through which we can Reach out the people Worldwide and spread essential Messages to them , through an "Audio-Visual" medium . Essentially its all about Storytelling. Everyday , every moment , there are certain Incidents that literally "Move" us and touch our hearts. Those incidents must have an answer , a revolution , against them ! These questions are upon humanity , upon world peace , which needs a "Solution"- which needs an "Answer". Different people revolt differently. So do I through Films, since it is one of the most Powerful Mediums 

What inspired you to make your movie?
The inspiration was based on thoughts. When I was planning the script , it suddenly came to my mind that , one of the most Lovable and Adorable words in this world is - MOM or MOTHER !  There are lots of women in this world who never get the taste of "Motherhood". They do so many things for just hearing the word - Mother. But there are certain people who are extremely " Narcissistic " , devoid of basic Humanity even. If a Special Child is born in such a family , then what shall be the condition of that child in such a situation is what moved me that time ! Thus came the idea of this script in which the Dark Side of motherhood is revealed along with an unexpected ending.

How has your style evolved?
This is my first feature film. So basically, I'm from an Indian Theater background, where I had been directing for years. Hence, there was nothing there , but then I saw that BOOM ! Everything was there ! The film was started and developed Freestyle and in a very semi-scheduled manner. Hence my stylizations began.

Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film?
That makes me Laugh out even now ! It was ridiculous , when a guy from the production , had casually fetched a bottle of water and had just gulped it in his mouth - and embarrassingly found out that it wasn't water but Kerosene instead. The words which came out from his mouth after the incident was even more hilarious. There is even a Strange incident, when we were shooting for a "prize distribution scene" on a field. People had mistakenly thought it as a "Real" incident and crowded in thousands. Even a few stalls were set by mobile-vendors. We were shocked !

The Misrule Film Movement & Pink8 manifesto bring what to mind?
At first I want to mention that without being literally "Insane", no creative things are possible in this world. That's my opinion. The Misrule Movement and Pink8 Manifesto, supports the same idea which I'm expressing. Its all about Filmmakers and Filmmaking by hook or by crook ! Ultimately we gotta win ! "Breaking rules" is also a Rule , as said. 

What can we expect from your next film?
My Next Film is about Indian tribal art, culture, heritage and the lifestyle of the people out there. It shall reveal their Superstitions , which rule their lives and ruins some. It is about the revolution done by a Tribal Puppet artist and an USA based researcher , against the dictatorship of the Tribal Leader. So one can expect the next film to be wild, boundless and revolting against the old school ways. Right now I'm searching for the finance, and brushing up the final script. Let's see what is there for us ! But ... I am expecting even the second film to be grandly selected at your festival , along with many others ! Hail DIY ! Hail Pink8