Monday, 25 June 2018

Interview with filmmaker Allabhya Ghosh

The Thief will be screening at the Straight Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

*How did you get into making films?
From a very young age, I like to think and telling stories.I was famous in my primary to high school friends for the every day new stories.The stories come from my life.In my childhood, I used to live near the Zamindar palace at Tollygunge in Kolkata.I never entered the palace;But my imagination was very comfortable to revolted around the garden and in the beautiful palace.Those imaginations become my everyday story. My stories and fantasy were looking for methods of expression.In those days a bioscopewala was very popular among children.I got confirmed that I would make myself a bioscopewala. But the dream was broken.I was unable to create a projector with useless spectacular spectacles.But I made a pinhole camera and was start dreaming with antagonistic images.

*What inspired you to make your movie?
This is not a story of a day.From early days I am very home keeping.In my childhood, I used to play wedding game with dolls like a girl.In fact, by the doll I arranged for family drama, parade and fight in those days.This was the first methods of my dramatic expression.After that, I start writing, drawing & clay modelling was interested in art, music, drama, and literature.In group theatre; Joined.When I was acting film, television and opera theatre; Writing script for others; I was not satisfied.I started the children's street drama group.My friend wanted to make a short film on my story.I was not only a screenwriter of his film, I helped him in direction, shot division, music design, make-up, artist selection and other activities.The film was selected at the Kolkata International Film Festival.I was surprised; I had a small credit in the credit list.I left all my jobs and decided to make my own movie.I became more poor.But among the difficulties, I have succeeded in making my debut film "The Thief".Life inspires me to tell the story at any cost through any art form.The demand for large canvas and composited art inspired me to make my own movie.

*How has your style evolved?
The style of my film depends on the story or the subject.I have no definite style. panning, tracking or static camera, dialog or without dialog, music or without music, silent or sound in my film give importance to the storytelling.I look forward to a new style of storytelling for my every movie.I like versatility in my films.I am not grammatically correct. My filmmaking style comes naturally, spontaneously with its love of art, with the passion of the heart.

*Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film?
In a scene of my movie on the bridge when my film's hero lost his best friend; And the heroine lost her boyfriend;According to the script, I was needed rain tears to make the scene heavy.The date of the shooting was a rainy day.According to the script, at the end of the scene from the background, a train is leaving the station.It was surprisingly accurate without instructions.
A bull followed us; When we were shooting on the ground in the outdoor.Leaving the camera, we went out of the place.But still the bull was chasing us.Then our focus goes to a member of the unit, who wore red shirts.
He quickly separated herself from the group and kept out the redshirt from his body.Then the bull was very calm.We used the red shirt in the film for the dress of young hero.Now it is very funny, but then we were afraid.
When the thief was eating meat with theft, the sequence was very fun.He shared the meat with the dog; The dog's name was Chiki. The meat was over to take more shots.It was difficult to control the dog.

*The Misrule Film Movement & Pink8 manifesto bring what to mind?
I think need a parallel culture. And I also feel proud that I am practising the culture which is completely against the ruined mainstream. Misrule Cinema Movement (2010-2016) & Pink8 manifesto have a great backing for independent filmmakers to the government's disbanded, micro budgets films.

*What can we expect from your next film?
Film is very expensive media for us.We are tirelessly trying to make independent films without compromising arts.
We think ; this type of film is not art for art's sake . It is art for human's sake.We are trying to rise ethics, integrity, individuality, dignity, love, faith, etc more important human values.Which are the basic ingredients of all cultures and religions . We are friend of general people