Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Interview with filmmaker Brando Improta

Role Play will screen at the Straight Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

How did you get into making films ?

It's my dream since I was kid. One day I bought a cam and started to making short movies and videos. I pursued this dream every day in my life, it's a tough job but it's also a wonderful one.

What inspired you to make your movie?

My inspiration for “Role Play” came from the Hollywood classic movies of 40's and 50's. Noir, thriller, mystery... Hitchcockian' plots above all. Black and white was the logical consequence for this work. Then I put in a bit of action to modernise the movie and speed up the plot. I think it's an interesting mix of genres.

How has your style evolved?

I don't think I have a fixed style. I try to adjust myself to the genre that I have to shoot. I love comedies, but when I do thriller like this I change my mind, take inspiration from movies I like in this genre, from the time that I want to evoke. I change my mind continually. It's a good exercise, the right way to learn something new every time.

Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film?

We had two problems with some little animals on the set. First: the mansion served as the murder site in the first act of the movie was abandoned for a long time. So the mansion was full of country rats, and the lead actress was literally frightened by them. We had to shot some of her close-up and scenes in another place, because at a certain point she was too scared to act.
Second: we shot some scenes in a park. There was a little cat on a tree. The lead actress is a cat lover, and the cat was to small to jump and get back down. She was concerned about the fact that, if the cat had stayed on the tree, he would've starved to death. So, to reassure she, I climbed on the tree and rescued the cat. It was a very hard day.

The Misrule Film Movement & Pink8 manifesto bring what to mind?

I think it's a very logical one. I often edit the film alone, I love to be a main character in my movies, and I don't link short movies. So, many of rules of Pink8 are already in my soul. Among all, I think that the director it's the force behind every movie, not the budget, not the production, but only the perseverance and creativity of directors. And to have a manifesto like this would be an inspiration for young filmmakers.

What can we expect from your next film?

My next will be a romantic comedy that I will edit in two different versions: a movie and a web series. With some differences in the continuity, and some differences in the screenplays. It will be a very funny love story.