Tuesday, 19 June 2018


''This film has no rules, it's an orgy of sight & sound stitched together to create mania.''
Movie-maker Fabrizio Federico's vision for his next film Teddy Bears Live Forever is miles away from being finished but finding it's voice organically is something that excites the underground filmmaker who is currently working on the editing phase of the film, ''I let the stars lead the way, Im at a crucial number in the Fibonacci sequence.''

A cryptic, doughy, non-linear, scratchy ride focusing on April, who has multiple personality disorder, but how did this happen? Either her problems first started after April become an edgy out of control teen model in Hollywood, or it happened after she joined a Las Vegas cult and was abducted by aliens while living near Area 51, nobody knows, it just started one day. Today she lives in five different realities.
Now living in London, even though April is not a virgin, one of her personalities called Sam wants to desperately lose her virginity asap. Watch as April sets out on her twisted journey in order to forever quiet down the diabolical voices in her head.

''The idea of the 'It girl' was first personified by actress Clara Bow in the movie 'It' (1927) which helped usher in the age of the flapper girl in the roaring 20's along with other wild child beauties such as Louise Brooks. The role of the vivacious, sexual, youth-quake secretly fascinates every teenage girl early on, and who secretly and subconsciously tries to live up to, or, tame these urges before either eventually self-destructing or growing out of it. In modern international culture countless magazines, music videos, books and films have depicted this prototype personality of the goddess Maenad, her name literally translates as "raving ones".'' 

Over the years there have been many 'It girls' who have captured our hedonistic times and the public's imagination, such as Kate Moss, Twiggy, Kim Kardashian, Cornelia Guest, Cara Delevingne, Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner - but there are even more examples of tragic lives cut short due to the pressures and seductions of glory and fame, such as, Gia, Donyale Luna, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Peaches Geldof and Edie Sedgwick to think about.''

Teddy Bears Live Forever captures the life of a faded 'It girl' called April.

Teddy Bears Live Forever will be released in 2019

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