Friday, 9 June 2017

Interview with filmmaker Francisco Sanchez

     Straight Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival (2017)

What does your film say about today's generation?
The elements in the film are timeless. Below the plot of the film, find universal ideas; Lies and deceptions, dreams and illusions.
Finally we get the belief. Faith does not need to arise from something real.
Faith can be a lie, it is enough.

What social circumstances lead you to make your new film?
I did "Not Humans" with the illusion of being able to progress, to take a step forward. Without budget, without producers, without technical equipment. It should not matter. The movie would be flawed, not perfect, but it had to be done.
He had something very important, the actors wanted to participate, nobody made money, this is something ... sad for work, but great for his will.

What do you think about the PINK8 Manifesto & Punk Cinema?
I like these two points a lot * The director must edit the movie alone.
* Errors are beautiful.
The first by "selfishness to take all control", for me is a great defect, I do not like to have the opinion of other people. He is already listening when he is finished. It's a mistake, I know.
The second: * Errors are beautiful. . I guess I like it, because it seems impossible to me to be wrong, it seems impossible to achieve perfection.
Hollywood has perfect movies, I'm not hollywood.
Unfortunately I do not fulfill all the points of the manifesto, but in essence, in the marginal, yeah.

What next for you?
I prepare when time leaves me (and the mood), a series of very crazy little stories, very Garbage, Maybe a year of these can join them in the purest style of films like Heavy Metal.