Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Interview with filmmaker Ricardo Ceballos

Los Olvidados will premier at the Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

* How did you get into making movies? 
I started as a theatre actor, then I made television in my country, soap operas, but I felt something else was missing, and I found the cinema, it caught me, but I needed more, I wanted to tell the story, from my vision and I dared to lead 

*What inspired you to make your movie? 
It's about people in street situations, either for reasons beyond their control, or by their own decision, I was inspired to see how people in that situation were adding up in my country, and it made me reflect and want to see their underworld a bit How has your style evolved? I feel that I am still missing, I have not even reached what I want, in my country it is difficult to make movies, I have no resources, this is my first film, but then I have recorded 3 more feature films, there is more mastery of the technique and the way to tell the stories, but always with the limitations that I present in my country. 

*Tell us some strange or funny story while making the movie? 
I have the support of a small staff, people who like me want to do things for their state, for their country, but I have to do everything, like a man orchestra, cook, do art direction, act, direct, almost everything and it is Something funny but with all the discipline of the command, to see how I have and we have with my team of people to do everything with so little, an austere cinema. 

*What does the The Misrule film movement & Pink8 manifesto bring to mind?
I want to expand my mind and soul with cinema, I love cinema and independent movements, tell and see stories from the bowels of a city, far from an ultra-commercial stereotype that can also be valid, on the street there is so much to tell and with New festivals and platforms have the way of uniting diverse cultures, languages and being heard. I am fascinated by weighing down the old machinery of cinema and shouting that there are other ways here 

*What can we expect from your next movie? 
Intimate, little can say a lot, something condensed from so many feelings and situations that we ordinary people, of flesh and blood, go through and that can be someone's reflection and help. always in the critical and deep of being, questioning something and looking for answers