Tuesday, 22 March 2016

INTERVIEW with filmmaker Viking Almquist

No budget. No mercy. The Swedish film world is hypocritical. Directors complain about how mostly middle class people work in films and then cast members of Sweden's ancient nobility in the lead. My generation is tired of films by tourists that exploit our pain to gain good reviews, awards and a carer. The cultural elite hates horror, gore & genre. So that what I did. I mixed all the things I loved from my upbringing; magic, anime, b-horror etc.

I was studying film theory at the University of Stockholm. I got to see a lot of good films, but there was this air of many of the theories where just pretense and lacked substance. But it also allowed me a lot of free time which I put to use to make the film. Having no money, I made use of friends and friends of friends to get a hold of all the things I needed for the film, like Nazi uniforms, costumes. 

I think the PINK8-manifesto pretty much describes the process of how Evil Easter 3 was made. I had characters from my surroundings and had no freaking idea what the film was about (there was no script). I used my DV to film and had my flat triple for the interiors. 

There are a lot of more stuff coming up. Currently I am prepping a short about hipsters and telepathic mushrooms from space. Also I am in the early stages of a slasher film called Elf Sacrifice & a black comedy about a graduation.