Tuesday, 22 March 2016

INTERVIEW with filmmaker Karolina Escarlatina

Our videos express a lot of today's generation, since we do everything by ourselves, we film, we edit, we compose the song, we record the fucking song, and produce it, mix it, and master it, all alone, at home, by ourselves. We don't have expensive video cameras, but we know how to use it in our way, we have been watching the 'monsters' of cinema and we are very inspired by them, specially by Godard: the 'no script' thing, the do it yourself, the jump cut, his 'punk' way of being...well, we got all that in our heads and now we do our videos mixing what we learnt in the films we watched with our own ideas and liberty. The today's generation thing is "you have the camera, you have youtube, so, do it, don't wait for anyone to do it for you, cause there's no one at all"; well, we are doing that...trying to get rid of the Hollywood monopoly and alienation.

The circumstances are: well, we have a huge need to express ourselves, and we definitely don't want to do a normal video, we want to go beyond, we want more than those boring videos; we have a lot of ideas, and we have the camera... And that's linked with what we said above, now we have the opportunity, the means of production, like cheap cameras, editing programs, and very good places in the internet to show our work: that's something that was unthinkable for us some decades ago, when we were young. And we have another factor that determinate that way of doing: we live in a small farm, apart from civilization. The closest town is a small village, with no studios and no one really involved with production... That puts us in a different condition: we don't have easy access to studios and producers, and other mainstream big means of production.. and we're here really because we want to get rid of that. So diy underground videos are all we can and want to do.

"PINK8 Manisfesto & Punk Cinema" is really great, it's an awesome initiative and it's exactly how we think, I mean, the philosophy of it, is exactly what we think. So, long live for them, and we'll make what we can to help to spread this!

The next step is to film another video. We just released our new album, called Drusba; there's a song on it called Bodies that Devour, and we will do another crazy piece. We already have some ideas, but we don't like to do scripts. We have the inspiration at the very moment of the shootings. We like to work that way. Every time we plan too much the result is totally different of what we had in mind.