Tuesday, 22 March 2016

INTERVIEW with filmmaker Lucas Popowitz

What does your film express about today's generation?
Our lack of concern for our own sexual well being. So many people have sex without abandonment, that they forget about the consequences that can come with promiscuity. That and let's laugh at Douche bags.
What social circumstances lead you to make your film?
I had been a bit adventurous with the amount of sexual partners I had in my life. I was on a self destructive path that only seemed to have happiness along it's way when I was inside another woman. I had grown up with a little sister who was HIV positive and had always had knowledge of the disease around me. When I finally stopped being an idiot with my penis, I got tested, and lucky came up clean. But I always had thoughts in the back of my mind, "What if?" I took that what if and created a story with characters that I didn't want the audience to particularly like, but still felt sorry for them. 
What do you think about the PINK8 Manifesto & Punk Cinema
I've always described my style as Punk/Guerrilla. I don't like to follow traditional story structure rules, and always wanted to make films on my own terms. The Pink8 Manifesto sounds like the first ever punk documentary, which is so super fucking rad!
What's next for you?
I just launched my own production house with the star of my feature. It's called Feels Like Fiction and our website www.feelslikefiction.com is where we post articles we've wrote about pop culture and storytelling. As well as videos we've made ourselves and our "For Hire" skill set of writing, shooting, and editing. We have a few feature length scripts that I have completed writing that we are currently trying to narrow down a single one for our next production.