Sunday, 14 January 2018

INTERVIEW with Filmmaker Jason Wright

*You've been very productive this past year, what give's you the drive on your projects? I have always been a huge fan of horror. I am luckily to have such a dedicated team of creative people that help drive my ideas and vision.
*Tell us where the inspiration for Torture came from? Torture has been in the making for over 4 years and is like Hostel vs Saw. We have had a few scriptwriters involved in this project to refine and make this a great film. As all of our films, it started out as a story not more than 30 pages and then with the help of the team we developed it into a feature film.
*Who was the first filmmaker to blow your mind? That is a great question and I would have to say George A. Romero as his delivery of zombie films are some of the best of all time. When I watched them as a young man, they always seemed to have that eerie effect so making the experience more immersive.
*What was the production like on both films? Torture was filmed over 3 years so as our first feature film it took a long of time and planning but will so much help and support it is now in post-production and we are looking forward to releasing a trailer soon. Acid Pit Stop was out second feature film, which was filming under 4 weeks so completely different in its setup and production process. Both productions have their pros and cons in terms of how they were completed but at the end of the day, they are both great films so watch out for them being released soon.
*Where did you find your cast, did anyone get hurt during the making? We have a few casting crew including myself so each role was carefully thought about before we selective cast. As we are a great believer in health and safety, no one got hurt on either film set.
*How have audiences been reacting toward Torture? As this is not released this would be very hard to answer. What I can say it that we did release an essence trailer a while ago and we have had lots of great comments and emails about that and wanting to know when the film is being released J So all positive J
*When will Acid Pit be released and what’s the premise? We are looking to get ACID PIT STOP released in 2018 so fingers crossed on that. APS is a zombie comedy that has a unique twist to it J So I don’t want to spoil the fun so you will have to wait for the trailer to be released.
*What real life serial killer is the villain in Torture based on? It is not based on any real life killer as such but it is a great film that should keet you guessing.
*Whats the weirdest story you can tell us from your career as a filmmaker? As a filmmaker you always have lots of weird stories come across your desk so to speak but the we have just finished a NEW novel called Blood Harvest which I believe is for sure the weirdest and most goriest project we have been involved in so far J
*What was the first horror film you saw as a kid? That is easy as the first horror film I saw, as a young man was The Evil Dead J
*Where was Torture filmed? Torture has taken a long time to film as is has many locations in the film. We did a lot of filming on a friend’s farm in West Sussex and some of the key news scenes in Southend on Sea.
*Did any of your cast freak out during filming? You will always get one or two cast or crew that find the filming hard on extreme films like Torture. At the end of the day it is just a film and not real so everyone takes it for what it is but is doesn’t stop a few screaming J More details on this kind of thing will be revealed when the film is released and we are at the film festivals J
*What was the editing process like? Both films are currently in post-production which is a long process but where the magic happens. All I can say is that it is going well and we are on track J
*Whats next for you in 2018? Well we have a few things we can announce and confirm. We are filming next month on ZOMBIE WARS, which is a great anthology feature film and a must for zombie fans. We are in pre-production for another feature film called Mannequin, which is due to start filming this year, and we can announce that ZOMBIKINI is currently in script but will be in pre-production either 2018 or 2019.
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