Tuesday, 23 January 2018

HERE COMES EVERYBODY! (The Insane Experimental Cable TV show) - INTERVIEW with host BILL TURK

A monthly experimental cable access show in sunny Los Angeles California is what the world has been waiting for. There is an incredible energy that lives on American Cable TV, it's the place where creativity never sleeps and where sleep never exists and no one understands that better then Here Comes Everybody's host Bill Turk.

Where did the idea for the show come about?
Well... I was walking around downtown Los Angeles, near the LA river... I'd borrowed my wife's car to go to a screening at an art gallery and I'd forgotten where I parked it. As I was walking around I was thinking about how I wished I had my own gallery to curate work it..
And then I thought.. Shit, I'll just do another cable access show!

What got you into DIY No-Budge films?

As for how I got into DIY film... I was going to the Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington.. And I was studying poetry... And somehow ended up in the experimental Film/Documentary class

Can people also watch the cable access show online all across the world?

Yes they can, you can find all the episodes at HCETV.ORG
HCE runs on multiple cable access stations simultaneously, We're running episodes in Los Angeles CA, Berkeley CA, Portland OR, Olympia WA, Seattle WA, North Liberty IA, & Waukegan IL

what do you want viewers to experience when they tune into Here Comes Everybody?
I like the idea of showing Avant Garde work on Television... It works as a trap. The viewer is in their home, flipping through the channels.. expecting normal things that they would find on TV. Then they hit something like HCE, and it's a full assault!
It seems to be getting bigger everyday!

February 2018 will be this years next episode, I think it's going to become a cult TV show that will influence future generations of filmmakers

Thats the plan. I'm about to roll out box sets to send to Universities, so that kids can check the episodes out from the library. Well.. I should add that anyone who wants to get involved should email me at hcetv22@gmail.com