Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fabrizio Federico - Film director

Potent sensuality yet underscored with a subtle intelligence and projected broad-mindedness towards his outsider subjects. 

Federico's works are relentless, strange and unorthodox but nonetheless cover a lot of ground when it comes to everyday life topics and emotions. Such as; madness, sex, scandal, love social media addiction, the occult, self harm, baseball, young death, underground culture, money, drugs, childhood, dreams, shamanism, careering, and violence. 

His style is like catching your father with your girlfriend. Morals being sold off for experiences. ''Cinema is just a collection of emotions and it's the filmmakers job to either torture, offend or entertain the audience. Movie's shouldn't just give pleasure, they don't always operate like that, people don't always operate like that. Sometimes we're happy and sometimes we're sad, other times we're reckless and those make the best movies.''

A creation of many characters  and sides within himself in order to become a state of seductive grace. Changelings embrace and collect different lifestyles. Devouring life similar to how an emperor would, or a tyrant.Space trucking and time travelling through history. A good trick if you know where you stand at the gates of dawn. 

Many artists have pulled of this trick:  Lord Byron, David Bowie, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol...

''We choose our paths and we follow them, collecting all our vices and loves with relish along the way, no matter how fucked up that makes us. But in our own eyes we're immaculate. I've always loved the ending scene of Teen Wolf, I'd like to achieve something similar to that one day. Instant nirvana, I'd like the films to be like potions and Indian ink.'' Fabrizio Federico

Black Biscuit (2012)
Pregnant (2015)


Virgin Rebel (2012)
Demon (2012)
Who Killed Vanilla Ice? (2014)

Music Videos
Wu Lyf - Heavy Pop (Stoned Version) (2011)
Marc Reeves - Home (2011)
Black Biscuit (Soundtrack)  - Knocks (2012)
Iceage – You’re Nothing (2013)
Sex Pistols - USA tour 1978                                                                                  
Mao - (Cuckoo Opera (2012)  
Mao - Possessed (2013)
Abram Taber - Alexander (2013)
Daniel Angelus - Dead Romantic (2012)
Sinéad O'Connor - War - SNL (Voodoo Blues - Version) (2015)
The December Sound - Painkiller (2013)
Avoxblue - Dreaming Thru Your Eyes (2013)
The Difference Engine - Lights I (2013)