Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Barbarous Ancestors - Fabrizio Federico (Black Biscuit- trailer

Film-director Fabrizio Federico's debut feature film 'Black Biscuit' has created a generation gap in cinema's guard, springing the old against the young, in an industry that has already started to seen signs of deterioration similar to what
 the music industry has experienced.

The 'Gutter Cinema movement', as it's being called, is sweeping the world inspiring inexperienced filmmakers to pick up their cell phones and to create feature films on micro budgets. 

'Black Biscuit' was made for $800, and shot on mobile phones and childrens cameras, featuring a cast of homeless people, prostitutes, pimps, handicapped, and an ex child ping pong champion.

In an era when film stars make up to $50 Million per picture, this can be seen as a revelation to the death of the old fashioned movie star, and birth of the street superstar.

Federico's new Pink8 manifesto has set the template for the future of cinema.