Friday, 20 April 2012

A New Way of Doing Things - Interview with filmmaker Fabrizio Federico

LID: Do you cover all the bases with your work, it seems like you live and breathe film  ?

Fabrizio: It's not just with film, I live every second being creative. I have my own language too......maybe not a language, Im too lazy to come up with a language but definitely more than 10 words.
I just see creativity everywhere, artists will know what I mean.

LID: Tell me about your childhood, sounds like you've had a fascinating upbringing ?

Fabrizio: Let's see.................It was just odd, I burnt my house down when I was five. I just sat there watching the flames, my father rescued me as I sat in a ring of fire, Im proud that Iwasnt  scared. I lived in Italy after that and played baseball, hunted, and used fireworks. When I went to school the teachers used to either fall asleep, or leave 
us all alone in the class room.
Me and my friends would kiss the girls and have sex with them in the class room. One time I got caught giving
head to this girl while the whole room watched and the teacher walked in on us. They made me stay after school 
and scrub the floor, while the girls father beat her next door.
dont think we ever spoke to each other again.

LID: Sorry Im speechless lol

Fabrizio: You see what I mean, what else stand's out ? Everyone get's into fight's over there, and then you become 
best friends. Thats how people connect, fighting and fucking. I used to draw allot, I was obsessed with the 
Twin Towers, and the Atomic Bomb. 
Me and my friends would go door to door and tell jokes for money. We use to watch Dirty Harry movies, and DJ.
I just did what ever the hell I wanted, like a stray dog,  I've got a big family and I had to share a bedroom my whole life, 
which annoys the hell out of me. I had my own room for about 1 week, and then I lost it because my mother kicked my 
father out so he ended up living in my room. I've never had any peace and quiet. Which I resent. Im always being bothered.
I'd be in there doing my own thing and I would get them coming in and ruining my vibe. Anyway my childhood just 
seems like a warm Acid flashback.

LID: How do you feel about the media ?

Fabrizio: I dont feel for them, I just talk and they print. I dont really care about my reputation. I've been asked this 
before, I get the feeling that the press think artists just sit around all day dwelling on how the media represents 
us. If someone wants to ask me about my work that fine, it's cool that people find what I do interesting ?

LID: What are you doing these days ?

Fabrizio: Playing guitar, and filming mainly. I met these 2 anarchists so been hanging out with them, and looking for the
perfect French mime. Im glad to see that some filmmakers are taking up the PINK8 manifesto, I had this Scottish filmmaker
called Andrew Mackenzie contact me about it. You just try things and see what happens. The world is full of Pimps and Whoes  


LID: What do you worry about ? 

Fabrizio: That I'll never find the perfect target t-shirt like Keith Moon had in the 60's, do you know the one I mean ?

LID: No idea

Fabrizio: I've just lost respect for you, the blue and red target ? The big target. I've never found one, you can only buy the small version, nobody makes them anymore. It's been nagging me for 15 years.

LID: Have you ever tried to make your own ?

Fabrizio: I'd fuck it up, I know it.

LID: Is 'Black Biscuit' a statement on todays society ?

Fabrizio: Of course, it's about people taking it up the ass, because they dont have the courage to make their life happen.
Which is what todays society does. Theres this notion that you finish school, go to University, then your dream job will be handed to you 
like a present. But what is happening is a lot of young people are getting into debt and being forced to find work anywhere , and that
can derail a person. I wish my parents were millionaires, I'd be so good at it. But no, I've had to achieve everything myself  which is 
 how it should be, get off your ass, and dont rely on anyone. Be a God now, kind of like Instant Karma, then no one
can touch you.