Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fabrizio Federico interview (Gold Memories)

By Andrew Farrell, February 26, 2012

The films plot seems to be very thin, is there something I’m missing?

Imagination (laughing)

But some people are really confused by the film and by it’s transgressive style, do you feel the need to explain yourself ?

What is there to explain, I find that people who are confused by art usually have no imagination. I don’t think I’ve ever been confused by a film. I usually love it even more if it throws me and plays with my feelings.
I like to create images that romanticize memories, call them gold memories if you like.
I just want to show brilliant days, shadows, rain, what ever gives someone an infinite feeling.

Why wont you explain what the films about?

That’s not the point, why have audiences become so lazy? It really blows me away – You can only be saved when your lost.
I want to be shot by all the critics, I want to see what my capacity is for a critical backlash, I hope I die broke like Van Gogh, misunderstood, because I don’t need acceptance. Maybe ‘Black Biscuit’ isn’t even a film but an introspective bitch slap.
I wanted to create a yearning feeling in the viewer, and to take them back to a time when they were lost, and stuck out sea with not a fucking clue what to do with their life.
And just to give people blissful ecstatic moments along with hope.

You obviously don’t have a problem with nudity, or sex what are your views on those themes ?

Maybe we’re going backwards, AIDS really fucked up everything and created so much  guilt that’s now attached to sex. Maybe it’s just that I wanted to have a memory to remember what my dick looked like when I was younger. But I just love sex, I envy animals because things are so simple for them, humans have got enough layers on already, and being naked really throws away pretentions. Clothes are the death of mankind.

It looks like the editing played a big part in creating your statement, how do you view the editing phase?

We live in an edited world. My view on life is kind of based on Situationism. A PG film is not going to change anything, but a spectacle on the other hand will push things forward, I think it’s a virtue to have a low attention span, and to not be patient. I want everything now. That goes for life, love, dreams. Im not waiting for no one, especially people to approve of my work, I want to live in summertime forever. The mainstream is like a tall boring castle and they deserve the occasional Jack In The Box lunged at their face. I don’t care about my reputation, why should I. It will just make my hair fall out.

Won’t that make life difficult for you?

No it makes it interesting, because then I’ll always have a challenge, and a desire to hustle. I dread having to slow down because then you’ve been corrupted into behaving.
I’m obviously not doing any of this for the money, this is made for fun and to inspire a mental uprising. Forget about this class bullshit, be classless, like me.

Is this just intentional to create a generation barrier?

It’s not about barriers, it’s about the future of creative freedom and if someone who is however old doesn’t get that then their already obsolete.
Why do you think a barriers going up?

Yes a bit, people either love or hate your work don’t they?

Good that’s how it should be…….people who are on the fence get shot, and art should be a form of shout therapy. My chaos theory is that I don’t want people telling me what to do, I’m being honest, is that so hard to take?
What’s wrong with a bit of mystery and thought attached to life. The thick people and governments are scared of having a liberal youth movement, because they know they’ll be outsmarted. Film distribution is the next thing that’s going to be chicken chocked.

Is Online Distribution something your excited about?

I get wet talking about it, because now artists aren’t going to be cheated anymore, and they don’t have to listen to corporate bullshit. It’s like the dreams come true. I don’t think people have caught onto it yet though. I was expecting parades and celebrations. It’s a lot to take in knowing that you’ve got total creative freedom, and obviously it’s too much for some people.

Where does the Chet character come from is he based on you?

Of course he is, it was a part of me. When your just getting started in the world you depend on everyone else giving you a break, and you become very submissive, and that’s what I wanted to revisit. It’s like being in a room with the lights off, you could go that way, or this, or there in life, but the trick is to get mean and defiant and once that happens you’ll find strength.