Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Interview With Filmmaker Bronwen Trudi Brooks Morgan

*How did you get into making music videos?
I got into making films 7 years ago whilst at school and then continued it into college and university, I have always been very artistic with my outlets and academic skills are not my way, so it gave me so much joy to Express art in this way

*This video is very experimental, how long did it take you to edit?
This film took me around 3 weeks on and off to edit, I often find as a female Filmmaker people have a lot less trust in you in your decision so it's a lot more back and forth, also the general nature of the edit was complicated

*How did you come across the band?
I came across the band as my partner is the guitarist, however this gave me no advantage to getting the project in my opinion because I was not their first  choice

*Do you have a name for your style, I've never seen anything like it before?
In turns of my whole asthetical style, In my purely experimental work (see portfolio) i strive detail, but in uncommon places, I love working with mirrors, water and the elements  l, preferring raw and dilapidated scenery and locations, and I'm usually very solitary. With this music video, as my other love is producing, I wanted to bring my experimental persona into my organised mind of a producer, the bands main prerogative was for it to be out their, wild and funny, the complete opposite of what they might be perceived as, as a 'folk band' and I think thsu is achieved, the little spats of confetti, the colour and style, that was the randomness I wanted to bring

*Are you planning on making a feature film in the future?
And yes I would love to do a feature film, but I want to being experimental film and that raw artistry to the front end of the industry and less of a secret!