Saturday, 19 January 2019

BLIMP CHOPSOCKY - A Different Kind Of Filmmaker

Filmmaker Blimp Chopsocky and his giant camcorder-head are taking over indie cinema with his inspired decision to create the first performance/artist filmmaker. 
Taking inspiration from a long line of show business entertainers such as Frank Sidebottom, George Formby, Charlie Chuck, Edward Barton & John Otway. This long line of British eccentrics is vast but never has a filmmaker combined the surreal trick until now.
Blimp Chopsocky's mischievous muse has no boundaries, both cheerfully enthusiastic, optimistic and oblivious to his own failings, Blimp is a world onto his own.

A fan of Snowball drinks, badges & John Water films. Blimp was born on the floor of an
Off-License convenient store, he loves leeks and only uses a cheque book to pay for everything, even his bread and cakes. He used to work in a zoo which is where he decided to become a filmmaker, from watching the animals interact all day unsupervised, and after seeing Tom Hanks fall down the stairs in a Birmingham Hotel.

In his spare time he writes love poems to Emma Stone. He is currently working on his debut motion picture about a variety act who get's a #1 Pop Hit in Yemen called ''Yeah Man''.