Tuesday, 20 February 2018

ANTI-EASTWOOD - The New British Art-House Cinema

Cult Hero, the Lizard King, Enfant Terrible, Mr Voodoo Trick, but what is certain is that filmmaker Fabrizio Federico is helping widen a generation gap in the film industry by doing what isn't expected of a movie director. 
He releases his films for free online, used mobile phones and CCTV cameras, casts street-superstars and doesn't use scripts or relies on funding to create his films; in the process, retaining 100% creative power over his movies. 
He has always insisted on his own talentlessness, presenting it as a challenge to anyone who thinks they could do better. His mystique not only comes from his popstar good looks and outspoken views, but from the fact that his films appeal to the tribal magic that lurks in the shadows of cinemas hidden frames. It's primeval & occult qualities that he and filmmakers such as Kenneth Anger, Dennis Hopper & Gaspar Noe have also embodied. The raw sour milk of human bitterness from these directors of adult fare. It is a very seductive juju charm that the mainstream has long been weary of. 

The manic and rowdy quality of Federico's films stem from his cinema manifesto Pink8 which has spawned an international collective of outsider filmmakers who are seeing the manifesto as a creed for a radical new step for a purer form of cinema. Federico never studied how to make films, learning everything from ground zero with some heartbreaking consequences, ''I lost my 1st film because my computer blew up; damn Dell computers, had to start all over again from scratch.'' 
His film Pregnant focuses on technology addiction in the 21st century. The mass hypnosis of a generation, as we witness each character's inner spiritual stagnation and mass disconnection from society. His debut feature film Black Biscuit is a portrait on wild youth and its lust for sex, drugs and money. His psychedelic editing & rhythm convey a shamanic quality to his films. Disorganised but focused, a slightly awe-struck air, his films are completely improvised. ''What appeals to me is the beauty and terror of particular vibes, from there I streamline each films path.''

Trouble also seems to follow him like a manic flame. Mainstream critics loath his films, to the point where Federico and film critic Chase The Whale have developed a long standing feud regarding critical hack jobs. And during a live radio interview in America, Federico was involved in a on air argument with several film critics after they had failed to watch his film. But his confidence and fearless attitude may originate from the fact that he survived a house fire at the age of five. ''I tasted deaths appetite at an early age, the world has seemed like an illusion ever since.'' There has also been rumours that he has sold his soul to the devil.

Challenging censorship his footage has been confiscated by the police because of his helter skelter commando style shooting tactics. But all this stems from his pure love for cinema. ''To me film is like a myth, a collection of all of the strengths and failings of humanity, magnified for us to figure out.'' 

Federico has currently set up the Straight Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival, he also starred in his first movie Kingdom of Shadows directed by the movie duo Clara Pais & Daniel Fawcett, and has also created a Ziggy Stardust style alter-ego of a film director from Mars, called Jett Hollywood. His new film LOON was released on Halloween 2017.''I enjoy the beauty of life, but Im also turned on by the dark absurdity and surrealism that life has to offer. Its a circus.''