Friday, 6 October 2017


LOON (2017) Dir: Fabrizio Federico
''It was a tough shoot, there was a major power struggle going on during shooting, non of the cast parted as friend's, we all hate each other. I was even stabbed with a fork during the first week. Everyone has blocked each other on Facebook and the ouija board party was a big mistake.''

Director Fabrizio Federico is an anti-filmmaker, his movies are littered with mistakes, camera blurs and noise but its real life. No script, non-actors and lots of bad blood. 
'There was some major sexual tension going on between the cousins.''

At the core of the film lies a 'folie à deux' relationship between two cousins, 16 year old kleptomaniac Charlie Sheen (who wishes to be called 'Keith' - even though nobody respects his wishes) and his poison minded 18 year old cousin Georgia, who's aggressive, cunning, sexual personality has hypnotised her younger cousin into doing anything she wants ''always do whatever I say, remember that.''

Charlie has a history of petty theft and violent thoughts.

''Charlie was actually stealing in the shopping scenes and we filmed guerrilla style when we got told not to, it's hypocritical that ''they'' can CCTV film us all day long but I cant make my movies wherever the fuck I want, that's why the film looks like CCTV footage.''

These teenagers are racist, homophobic and plain evil in many guises and the film perfectly captures that evil journey through the mind of a lost teenager. ''Political correctness is now DEAD, it started out as a good thing but it's spawned a bunch of liberal minded cry babies who dont know how to shut the fuck up about what offends them.'' 

From a psychoanalysis level the 'pleasure principle' of Black Biscuit is now given over to the 'death drive' theory founded by Sigmund Freud, believing that life's motivation for some is driven by an aggressive desire to self-destruct. An eerie cosmos and an unpredictable place to be, full of ugly faces, tiny monsters and lost souls.

LOON will be release on Halloween, October 31th internationally.