Friday, 16 October 2015

The New UK Underground Film Movement

Duncan Reekie
The Godfather of the Exploding Cinema collective, plus in addition to making films such as Maldoror and curating screenings and events, he wrote the mind-blowing history of British underground filmmaking called Subversion: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema that is mandatory reading for any underground film nut. A true hands on maverick.

Craig Roberts

Compelling character actor who has now turned his hand at directing and fits the mold of being the perfect Trojan Horse to enter the mainstream film industry and shake it up from the inside. His debut feature film Just Jim is a darkly funny coming of age story shot on a low budget in Wales. Roberts is a self taught filmmaker and a strong advocate for supporting Welsh cinema.

Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais
Defining the ideology that two heads are better than one, this power team are the founders of The London Underground Film Festival and Film Panic magazine. Experimenters of the independent film vanguard with some of the trippiest films to come out in recent memory such as their mind bending feature debut Savage Witches.

Fabrizio Federico

Crashing together the poetic and the strange; whether its making micro budget features about alienation, sex and death cult philosophies in debut Black Biscuit or counting down to generational Armageddon in the form of technology and social media addiction with new film Pregnant. He is the founder of the Pink8 Manifesto which encourages new filmmakers to basically "Turn on, tune in, and drop out" . Get in touch with their inner improvised shaman and lose your mind.

Tony Burke

The filmmaker you love to hate. His thought provoking works have caused scandal and bewilderment, hence an artist in the truest sense of the word. Mixing together loneliness, beauty and desire. A body of work that captures the everyday absurdity of where bizarre circumstances can lead you.  His skillful portrayals on the poignancy of life can be experienced in his latest films The Fox and Him.

The Fox (watch)

Scotland's mean streets are kicked in the balls by the presence of Mr Mackenzie's camera. Hip Hop and Cinema come crashing down the rabbit hole as the dystopian odyssey of Dimention Zero captures the wilderness of an hallucination called life. Beautifully shot on anything that he could get his hands on, depicting the crash city youth of hoodies, police and music. Its final message sublimely true; We are all art, as soon as we embrace ourselves.

Ben Charles Edwards

Whether its Fantasy, B Movies, Avant Garde or Dark Comedy there's no genre that this filmmaker cant master with Zen like ease. Embracing stylistic glamour with the unpredictability of Underground Cinema. His debut feature film Set The Thames on Fire displays an impressive claustrophobic disjointed atmosphere and at the center of all this a fearless ring leader weaves his directorial magic.

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