Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Interview with filmmaker Elliott Woolrich

Superheroes 4 will be screening at the Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

How did you get into making films?
Me and my twin brother Lucas got into making films because we both like acting. We have studied acting and have attended many different acting workshops such as Actors House, Act Up North and The Oldham Theatre Workshop. I studied performing arts in acting at Oldham College. I have also been teaching comedy and drama acting to children at Z-arts. I have written scripts and acted in productions for Reform Radio and Without Theatre. We have also contacted many different acting agencies such as PHA, Shepherd Management and Troika Talent wanting acting representation. We gave them the Superheroes 4 film, are headshots and are resumes but we never heard anything back from them. ​Me and Lucas make films. So we can act in the films. Me and Lucas like watching films and we also like writing scripts and making films. ​

What inspired you to make your movie.​
I am an actor and writer who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis. Lucas who is also an actor, writer and my carer helps me with writing scripts and making films that we upload onto Youtube. Me and Lucas made the Superheroes 4 film because we wanted to make a film which took elements of mine and Lucas's life and add a comic book fantasy element to the film. We wanted the characters to be acting like superheroes and use their obsession for comic books to cope with life. We wanted the film to be a mix between drama and comedy. We wanted the film to reach other people that have Multiple Sclerosis, other diseases and other disorders. I wanted to share some of mine and Lucas's life story.​​

How has your style evolved?
My filmmaking style has changed since the first film that me and Lucas made because we did not have a tripod. I got a tripod because of my Multiple Sclerosis. I could not hold the camera because the camera would be shaking and i did not want to break the camera. Since making my first film me and Lucas bought more cameras and more tripods.​

Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film?
Me and Lucas had to use are own money to make the Superheroes 4 film. We did try to get funding from many different funders such as The Manchester City Arts Council but we were told by them that they do not fund films because they do not consider film an art form.​ Me and Lucas got some help from Rachael Turner who runs MadLab in Manchester. So we could film some of the film at MadLab. We also used some of MadLab's camera equipment.​ Some of the script for the film had to be rewritten by me and Lucas because Daria Ribalco who plays Lucy and Kate filmed for only one day and left the film. So me and Lucas had to create new characters named Mathilda and Mindy to become Catgirl and Lady Justice instead. Me and Lucas filmed for only one day with each cast member on the film. ​

The Misrule Film Movement And Pink8 bring what to mind?​
It brings to my mind Guerrilla filmmaking which is really independent filmmaking where you don't have any funding. The only funding you do have comes out of your own pocket. It's difficult for the film to find an audience and for the film to get some promotion. So the film can be seen and reach more people. I think you have to wear a lot of different creative hats while making this kind of film. Me and Lucas directed, produced, wrote, filmed, edited, casted and acted in the Superheroes 4 film. We had to focus on all the different creative hats.​

What can we expect from your next film?​
Me and Lucas are working on doing another Superheroes film. Me and Lucas would still be playing the roles of Nighthawk and Captain Justice in the film. Me and Lucas want someone else doing the directing, producing, writing, filming, editing and casting the film. You know having a film making team work on the film. Me and Lucas would only want to act in the film and give story input to the film. It would also be great if another Superheroes film could have more funding. Me and Lucas were limited by the funding on what we could do with the Superheroes 4 film. If the new Superheroes film had more funding and more of a film making team working on the film. We could do more with the story, reach more people and help others. Me and Lucas want to act in other film makers films while still writing scripts and making films. ​