Sunday, 15 July 2018

Interview with filmmaker Pablo Marini

Malvineitor will be screening at the Straight Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

*How did you get into making films?
​-It was the year 1996 and I was about 16 years old when my father gave me one of the first home movie cameras, a VHS Compact. We were young and with many influences of humor we began to make funny movies instantly. Without much knowledge, only with passion and looking to make our friends laugh. In the year 1997 we premiered our first film "BACKMAN and ROBIN's AGAINST RIBERITO THE TENACIOUS."​
*What inspired you to make your movie?
​​In Argentina one of the tabu issues of society is the war of MALVINAS. There have been many dramatic films on the subject but never an action or war movie. I felt the need for an action comedy about war, someone who shows war not as a low blow, but as a fun movie for the audience. A true tribute to so many young Argentinian brothers.

​​*How has your style evolved?
​My style has evolved like a Pokemon, through study and experience, like 10 more films happened to the first, film faculty, a lot of experience in filming, a lot of work with film brothers with whom we shared production criteria and especially the evolution of humor as a weapon of social criticism led our films to find their own and defined style, something that does not abound today in the cinema.
*Tell us any strange or funny stories while making the film?
​One of the last days of filming, everything was downhill, the team had fragmented, and to top it off, it was long rain winter day in the middle of a jungle. We were recording a scene on a dirt canyon and one of the FXs guys tied a rope to a tree so that we would not slip, climbing up and down. I could not concentrate thinking about all those who were down there getting wet with that cold. I remember repeating several times to give up and come back another day, however everyone was still working and nobody questioned it more than me. I seemed out of place for wanting to suspend. But there they were all! and luckily disobeying the orders of its director. Today we remember that day as going up and down the rope and under the rain as Batman and Robin by Adam West, but above all for the consolidation of an iron team to which I owe the film.
*The Misrule Film Movement & Pink8 manifesto bring what to mind?
​I have no idea what they refer to with that manifesto. I think that without knowing what it is I am against the manifesto because nobody tells me how to do things. Not a pope, not a woman, not a black man.
*What can we expect from your next film?
​From my next film we can expect a scandal and probably the prison for several of those involved as it will deal with a famous case of the death of a prosecutor of the Argentine nation. It is time for someone to correct us, where they saw so much disrespect for a country.​