Thursday, 12 December 2019

Interview With Filmmaker Krystyna Curtis

*How did you get into making music videos?
I’ve always photographed and filmed everything since I was 15, with these, working with other people and their music gave me a platform to make short films this way

*Do you have any strange stories from working on your last music vid?
Strange stories yeah - there are sections of the first video which required my muse to hold a bunch of questionably safe black toy goop in her mouth - it kept going wrong and my living room ended up covered in the stuff

*Any plans on making a feature film in the future?
The first video is a mashed together collection of clips from a short film I’m currently working on atm. I think found footage films have way more potential than some of the ones that are out atm

*I've noticed your into the occult thats always been one of my fav topics, which is your fav horror film?
I’m a bit of a horror fanatic - but very choosy when it comes to finding the good stuff. I’m aiming to make my own horror film someday, but you could say I’m heavily influenced by Kenneth Anger, David Lynch, Jodorowsky etc. I love some 60s/70s/80s horror/sci fi like Alien, Altered States etc as well as more recent stuff like Mandy & Hereditary
I prefer horror with a building sense of dread over most slasher stuff, my fave horror of all time is probably The Shining

*Where are you based and is there a cool local DIY filmmaker community?
I’m based in the Midlands, Wolverhampton- there are a few filmmakers and photographers/artists here and a local collective called Asylum Gallery/Studios. Yeah we’re a pretty tiny group here but I generally only have two friends working in the same field